Thursday - Friday, September, 24-25, 2020
Joinlty Organized by:
College of Engineering Roorkee & Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehdradun
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Objective of the Conference

Smart Grid and its technologies offer promises to enhance the operational effciency of energy and power supplies via distributed generation with bi-directional energy and electricity flow. This objective is achieved by allowing intelligent monitoring and control of different components within the distribution and transmission lines as well as other systems from utilities of natural gas, thermal energy, electricity, and water on the one side and to the end user on the other side, while maintaining the energy and power quality, security, reliability and safety with minimum environmental impacts. Smart energy management system is the main component of Smart Grid.

Smart Energy Management System presents enormous engineering challenges in the design and integration of energy and electrical grids with communication and network technologies, along with substantial questions of security and privacy of different components within the grid.
International Conference on Smart Energy Management (ICSEM-2020) aims to bring together leading academicians, industry professionals, researchers and research scholars to exchange and discuss the recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of smart energy management.

The conference is likely to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on smart systems and technologies related to electrical engineering, computer science, information technology, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. It is planned to have keynote lectures, plenary talks from experts and paper presentations on identiļ€ed tracks from the delegates.

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Solar Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal System

  • Solar Thermal Storage
  • Artificial Roughness
  • Solar Power Applications
  • Materials for Solar Cells
  • Fabrication Techniques of Solar Cells
  • Testing of Solar Cells
  • Tracking algorithms of solar modules
  • Thermo-photovoltaic
  • Building integrated photovoltaic

Wind Energy

  • Estimation of Wind Energy
  • Design of different Types of Wind Turbines
  • Injecting Wind Power in the Grid
  • Optimization of Wind Energy Systems

Biomass Based Energy System

  • Biofuels- synthesis and utilization
  • Processing of different types of biomass
  • Hybrid systems
  • Design of different types of gasifies
  • Life cycle assessment of biofuels
  • Biodiesel kinetics and synthesis
  • Biofuel in IC Engine

Energy Storage

  • Different types of battery technologies
  • Energy storage and technologies
  • Electrical energy storage
  • Energy storage and renewable energy
  • Energy storage trends and opportunities
  • Strategic analysis of energy storage in countries

Smart Grid Technologies

  • Design of smart grids
  • Modeling of Grid Environments
  • Demand Side Management
  • Demand Response
  • Smart Distribution System
  • Distributed Generation
  • Grid Integration
  • Power System Management Technologies
  • FACTS Devices
  • Environmental-Friendly Technologies for Power Generation

Energy and Environment

  • Green house emission potential of fossil fuel based systems
  • Life Assessment
  • Energy Management
  • Different strategies for energy management
  • Energy efficiency in thermal and electrical utilities
  • Efficiency improvement by hybridization

Energy Policy & Planning

  • Formulation of different policies for promotion of renewable energy
  • Cost benefit analysis of renewable energy systems
  • Impact of renewable energy systems in national and international economy

Advanced Computational Applications

  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Computational Intelligence Techniques
  • Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • Home Area Network (HAN)

Conference Venue

College of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand